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  • Product name: ER5356
  • Product code: 037
  • Date: 2016-09-07
  • Views : 806

Product Brank Standards and steel grade


Welding wire chemical composition(%)
GB AWS C Fe Si Mn Mg Cr Zn
Corrosionresisting aluminum alloy YH-5356 S5356 ER5356 0.8-5.0 <=0.10 <=0.40 <=0.25max 0.05-0.20 4.5-5.5 0.05-0.20 <=0.10

Product Welding wire chemical composition(%) Application
Ti Ai
Corrosionresisting aluminum alloy 0.06-0.20 Rem Outsanding corrosion resisance,high strength,exceptional versatility,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy,especially for 5083 aluminum alloy.